04 - 05 September, 2018 |
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore

Uzoma Correia

FPSO Contracts Leader
Originally from TOTAL Angola Affiliate, Uzoma Correia started his career as contract engineer followed by a category manager, before moving to TOTAL Headquarters in Paris where he worked as Project Contract Engineer providing assistance to TOTAL’s mega projects. Finally he moved to the Kaombo Project, where he has been occupying the role of FPSO Contracts Leader since 2014.

9:30 AM How Digital Solutions are Driving The FPSO Industry To The Next Level

The current low oil and gas prices mean oil companies and FPSO contractors need to be more efficient and develop smarter approaches and solutions. Through the use of digital solutions, productivity can be increased and over-spending can be curbed, leading to increased efficiency. This session look at the various intelligent cloud platforms, data management systems, computation and industrial automation available in the market and how these systems can be integrated into improving FPSO operations and maintenance. 

12:00 PM ROUNDTABLE H FPSO Contracts: How Viable are 25-Year Contracts in Today’s Market Environment

During the hey-day of $100+/bbl oil prices, 25-year FPSO contracts were a norm. It gives certainty to FPSO contractors and suppliers and provides a much-needed safety net to plan for future projects. However, with the market landscape changing drastically over the last few years, the industry needs to remain nimble and able to react to constantly changing market environment. In this round-table, delegates will:
-           Explore the viability of 25-year contracts in today’s oil price context
-           Discuss the pros and cons of shorter FPSO contracts and what it means to project execution, costs  and business strategy

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